K2 Pure Solutions helps provide an answer to eliminating the need to transport chlorine for water purification and disinfection, as well as other industries, by deploying and funding a North American wide network of state-of-the-art facilities utilizing inherently safe technology. K2's facilities will mitigate the potential environmental, security and operational risks associated with the transport of chlorine for water treatment and other industries by producing exceptionally pure bleach, caustic soda and other chlor-alkali related products using only salt, water and electricity in the most economically viable manner.

Ensuring a safe and adequate supply of drinking water at all public water systems, including municipalities, residences, businesses and schools is essential to public health. The treatment and disinfection of drinking water has been described as the greatest health advancement of this millennium. Chlorine has in large part been credited with this since it has become an essential, element fundamentally improving the human condition over the years.

However, transporting chlorine for water purification and disinfection is hazardous and post-9/11, scrutiny on reducing the transport of compounds such as chlorine has increased exponentially. To this extent government and industry has sought alternatives such as bleach, which is as effective as chlorine is for water purification and disinfection. Today, estimates show that more than 200 facilities have converted to technologies such as bleach for water treatment and purification, however, since a major component of bleach is chlorine, producing bleach is still very much reliant on the transport of chlorine; until now.

Utilizing our new, Inherently Safe Technology (IST), K2 Pure produces exceptionally pure, high-quality bleach with nothing but water, inert salt and electricity in a vertically integrated process that eliminates the need to transport chlorine for water purification and disinfection, in any of its forms in your community.